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In response to COVID-19, we are closely monitoring the situation and staying on top of the latest developments. We are here to help you and your business set up technical solutions to help you cope and ensure you can have a minimum of interruption to your workflow.

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Message from Owner Jon Stagman

I hope this finds you well. As everyone continues to say, these are interesting times. They can be tough times. Owning and/or running a business is not particularly easy under normal circumstances, but in light of the whole COVID-19 pandemic, you have a whole new focus.

If I haven’t spoken to you directly, I’m sure one of the awesome leaders in our company has. We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help you stay operational. For many, we are focused on helping get your people to work from home. Some brought work computers home and others are using their home computers to access their work computers. This certainly helps you access all the data you need to do your work.

One of our other responsibilities is to ensure you are maintaining IT security. There are many agencies who report that this is the most vulnerable  America has ever been with regard to Cyber Threats.  It’s analogous to if we all left the office and forgot to lock or even shut the door behind us.

With that in mind, Pantheon’s leadership continues to seek best practices around security from our industry and have worked with our staff to analyze the current state of our client partners’ situations. The flow chart below will help you think about your organization’s IT security with regards to working remotely.  It addresses both working on Work PC’s and Personal PC’s.

I would also like to share a detailed worksheet on the the “18 Ways You Can Make Your Remote Work Secure Convenient, and Stress-Free.” (Link below) We hope these guides will help you.

Thanks, as always, for being great leaders in our communities and a terrific business partner.”

– Jon Stagman, Owner/President/IT Partner

Options for Working Remote/ At Home

Working remotely changes how we can help you keep your work secure. The following diagram can help you think through these new security risks and how to mitigate them. Please contact our service team or your account manager if you have any questions or requests.



We want to make sure we are doing everything we can to help you stay operational. Focusing on helping you and your staff work from home. Ensure you are maintaining IT security on either work computers or personal computers. 

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