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Why Your Business Needs a Server Administrator

As a business owner, your attention should be on providing quality products and services to your clients–not the day-to-day operations of your computer network. Yet, if your network fails or you encounter problems, you could lose time and money trying to fix these issues–time and money that should be spent helping clients. To bypass these issues, consider outsourcing your server needs to a professional administrator.

Keep Everything Running Smoothly

A server administrator ensures that your network is running properly by performing regular maintenance, monitoring system performance, and keeping all hardware and software updated and operational. The administrator attends to accounts, permissions, and password changes so all users have access to what they need.

If routine upgrades are needed, the system administrator can plan downtime so that it doesn’t interfere with any crucial functions of your network. The administrator can resolve incompatibility issues and advise you about any changes that might be needed for maximum efficiency. When new software is needed, the administrator will take care of installing it.

Catch Problems Quickly

A specialized server administrator can relieve you and your staff from having to deal with IT problems that can cause work slowdowns or stoppages. If any problems occur, the administrator has the knowledge to identify the causes and avert any damage to the system or your files.

Server administrators are well trained in systems software and can troubleshoot issues. They can also handle problems on the user level, such as necessary password changes or file backups. If you’re locked out of the network, it’s the server administrator you will turn to.

Provide Cybersecurity

One of the server administrator’s most important responsibilities is cybersecurity. Your business deals with sensitive information and financial data, so you need to keep it safe from hackers, leaks, viruses, and crashes. A server administrator will do it all for you.

The administrator will make sure your files get backed up securely and that all access points are secure and password-protected. They’ll install virus protection software and monitor your system for any vulnerabilities. They can also help you develop an IT security policy for your staff.

Whatever your business, your IT network is at the center of it. If something goes wrong on any level, the consequences could be serious. A system administrator will take on the responsibility of maintaining your network and give you peace of mind.

Pantheon Computers can provide server administration and meet all your IT needs. Click here to learn more!

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