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How SaaS Can Reduce Your Business Costs

Updated: Jan 26

Software as a service, abbreviated SaaS, can provide your business with the computing tools it needs while also reducing your IT costs. The cloud-based apps of SaaS can be used anywhere and anytime, making it an ideal solution for either in-house or remote work. With SaaS, your business can be more productive and efficient.

No Licensing Fees

When you install software on your computers, you have to pay licensing fees for its use. The fees are charged per computer or per group of computers. The more computers you have in your business, the higher your fee will be. You must renew your licenses periodically and often pay other fees.

Using SaaS eliminates the need to install software on each computer. Instead, you pay a subscription, which is charged annually or monthly. The subscription includes access for a specified number of users, as well as maintenance and support. It’s not necessary to have an IT expert on staff.

Hassle-free Upgrades

One of the biggest advantages of SaaS is that the apps are always kept up to date. When new versions become available, they will be updated on the server level and made available to all users. It isn’t necessary to interrupt people’s work for installations on their computers.

The automatic updates mean that your employees will always be working with the latest versions of the software. If glitches occur, corrections can be made on the system level. This leads to increased productivity and less downtime for resolving IT issues.

Better Security

Cybersecurity should be a priority for all businesses, regardless of size or type. Cybercriminals often target small to medium-sized businesses on the assumption that their data will be easier to breach. Malware, ransomware, or viruses can lead to financial loss or work stoppages.

Since SaaS is centralized, security is easier to maintain. SaaS companies have cybersecurity experts who do continuous monitoring and risk assessments. They can also advise you on keeping your data safe at the user level.

More and more businesses are using SaaS for everything from email and word processing to bookkeeping and financial management. The initial investment in SaaS can result in sustained savings in IT and maintenance expenses. Moreover, having reliable, well-running software available at all times can reduce costs in other budget areas.

Interested in knowing more about SaaS? Contact Pantheon Computers for a consultation on IT services.

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