Hacking Hazards to Watch in 2019

Toll Fraud Likely to Threaten BusinessesToll Fraud is an emerging cyber threat to watch out for. Toll fraud may happen when an attacker accesses your business’ phone system to make fraudulent calls, possibly by posing as a new customer, placing calls (including expensive long-distance calls) directly from your business’s phone lines — on your dime! Cybercriminals may target businesses with in-house phone systems, rather than ones with Voice over IP (VoIP) systems. Toll fraud can be recognized and prevented through monitoring of a VoIP system.

Be on Look out for Phishing SchemesPhishing typically uses emails to lure your employees into clicking on links that download malicious software (Malware). In addition Phishing may schemes may also get your employees to share internal information including passwords, confidential information, privacy information, financial information, patents and more. Educating your staff on how to recognize suspicious links and report them is your first line of defense.

Ransomware is EverywhereEmployees can also introduce Ransomware to your network, that can travel to all attached devices including your server. Once infected, you will be held ransom to regain access. If you pay, you are likely to be targeted again. Avoid ransomware by having strict policies to prevent thumb drives, guest PCs and other non-compliant devices attaching to your network. Having reliable backup of your systems is a way to rapidly recover without paying the ransom. While firewalls, anti-virus SPAM filtering and penetration testing can help deter cyber attacks, human beings play a role in staying safe. To learn more about how to respond to upcoming threats, contact your technology advisor today.

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