Gear up Your Technology in the New Year: Is Your Tech in Check?

This time of year we make our lists and check them twice. Is your technology in check for the new year? Here are some checklists to keep and plans to make to get the most from your technology in the new year.

Verify Your Backup

Data Backup isn’t enough if you don’t periodically verify your backup to ensure it is available for recovery. If this isn’t part of your routine systems maintenance, add this to your New Year’s resolutions to ensure you can rapidly restore your business systems if you suffer a data loss or breach of privacy data.

Certify Your Compliance

Many industry regulations including The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) require periodic PCI certification to demonstrate compliance. Updating your policies and procedures related to network security and other best practices is part of demonstrating PCI compliance. If you are considering online commerce in the new year, also plan to including periodic network monitoring to maintain PCI compliance throughout the year.

Create a Security Checklist

Threat of Cyber attack is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. Consider creating a Cyber Security Checklist in the new year. The Ameri