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Fine Tune Your 2020 Digital Marketing Plan

Before the beginning of this highly unusual year, expected trends for digital marketing in 2020 had to do with great content, website interactivity, and maintaining security of data. We are now more than halfway through 2020, and these trends are just as important (if not more important). Read on to learn how these trends can help your business come out on top during these unusual times.

Start With Great Content

Content–what you put on your website as your brand–is even more important now. Your website may be the only point of contact with customers. Consider doing an inventory of your content to ensure it is fresh, and relevant to our times. Consider adding content that reassures readers about your company’s availability and commitment to its customers. One hallmark of good content is a call to action, something visitors can do, like subscribing to your newsletter. Now can also be a time to work on search engine optimization(SEO), using keywords and key phrases naturally, so that your website turns up first in organic searches.

Become a Trusted Resource

Your business can take this opportunity to become a trusted resource to your customers this year and beyond. People still need goods and services, so the more digital marketing channels your company uses, the better. For example, you can post regularly to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, and supply your web address in these places. Your email marketing list can also play a key role in reaching out to customers. Use your time wisely to keep your lists up to date by adding new contacts from Linked In and other social networking activities With the pivot in our expectations of this year, your business can also pivot in how it addresses customer concerns. To learn more, contact us today. 


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