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  • “Life is not about sheltering yourselves from the rain, it is about learning to dance in the storm”, goes a popular saying. But, if you are a small business, you first need to shelter your assets from the rain, before you can afford to dance in the storm without a care in the world.

  • Prepare for a hurricane from the data perspective. Take basic precautions now before the storm hits you! 


  • Data loss due to natural calamity or any other reason can cause significant damage to the business, resulting in extreme consequences such as a complete business shutdown. In this whitepaper, we discuss the steps you can take to mitigate the risks natural disasters pose to your data and IT infrastructure.


  • Hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms can catch you off-guard resulting in losses worth thousands of dollars. Your inventory may be damaged, your place of business may be flooded and your critical business data lost.

  • You can’t stop a hurricane, but you can prevent data loss caused by it.

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  • While most small businesses do take timely steps to ensure their inventory and place of business are protected from such natural disasters, a lot of them tend to overlook the risk such natural disasters pose to their IT infrastructure and data. To many, it doesn’t seem to be that big an issue--and invariably, this is where they go wrong