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The Work-From-Home Environment

  • As homes expand to accommodate office space, traditional office spaces will shrink to include probably just a conference room for in-person meetings. While this makes perfect sense, there’s something here that you can’t ignore: Data security. 

  • WFH raises various questions from the data security perspective that need to be answered effectively.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 083418.png

Data Security Best Practices!

Screenshot 2021-10-14 083451.png
  • WFH can put your data at risk and jeopardize your data security *if* you don’t take the right precautions. Establishing data security best practices is challenging in a WFH environment, but not impossible. 

Safeguarding Your Data

  • The WFH trend is a boon for businesses and employees…and also for cybercriminals. Learn more about the risks your business faces from the data perspective when your employees operate remotely and the various mechanisms you can deploy to mitigate those risks.

Screenshot 2021-10-14 083709.png
Screenshot 2021-10-14 085029.png

Creating A Secure Environment

  • WFH opens up whole new horizons in terms of flexibility, productivity, and cost savings. But, it also opens your business up a little more to cybercriminals, as you can’t have a hands-on approach to cybersecurity, especially if your employees are using their own devices for work.

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