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Our History


Our History


Pantheon - Through The Ages

In 1996, Jon Stagman stopped for a cup of coffee at a "cyber-cafe" in his hometown of Waseca. Uncovering a need for computer services

right where he grew up, the idea for Pantheon was born.

By 1997, Pantheon was up and running.

The company has grown and matured with the ages,

and its evolution is full of great milestones!

“As we look to the future of computers, we know it is less about the devices

and more about the information these technologies give us.


We have to partner with our clients to understand how they

use this information to run their businesses.


We must help the secure this information, build systems to recover from any failures, and ensure they can get access to it when, where, and how they want to.”


– Jon Stagman

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