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Angel Anderson

Network Technician

Starting out in IT as a Hardware Bench Tech,

Angel moved to Special Systems, In-House Service, and then Field Service Technician work.

With experience as a systems administrator as well as supporting educators with their IT needs, Angel has a wide array of skills. Most recently working with a local MSP company close to her home in NJ as a Network Technician, and worked with everything from servers, clients, printers, scanners, firewalls, access points, etc.

She enjoys learning, cooking, baking, swimming, and music, just to name a few! Married to her husband of 33 years, she is the mother of 2 daughters and has 2 granddaughters as well.


It brings her great joy to be the best that she can be at her job, in her personal life, and to give of herself always. Angel is so grateful to be a part of Pantheon Computers and cannot wait to give her all to our partners.

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